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Members of the Bavarian Boondockers snowmobile club are individuals with a love for the sport of snowmobiling and a respect for the opportunity to ride in, and share the backcountry with other winter recreationalists. Members recognize that riding in the backcountry is a privilege, and with gratitude, offer their services to respectfully represent the sport of snowmobiling, contribute to trail maintenance, and take part in other charitable opportunities.

Recognizing the need to develop a forum in which snowmobilers from the Leavenworth area could speak collectively, in 2012, the Bavarian Boondockers Snowmobile Club formed. At over 100-members currently, the Bavarian Boondockers are a voice and conduit for snowmobile related education.

The club works with local and regional agencies to inform snowmobilers of pertinent events, boundary identification and opportunities.

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